party of one

party of one is a guitar and percussion duo. We make music that’s beautiful, strange, and a little sad.

Liz Faure (guitar) and Jess Tsang (percussion) first met playing very classical music but really bonded over the work of Carly Rae Jepsen. Having long been the supporting and accompanying instruments in most bands and ensembles, they formed party of one in hopes of bringing the unique voices of their instruments to the forefront. 


We like to think of party of one as a kind of band without a frontman, creating a music sharing experience that is welcoming and relatable to our listeners.  We value vulnerability, honesty, and connection in the music we're seeking to make, embracing all the things we love about new music, classical, and popular music as a vehicle for unrestrained communication between performer, composer, and audience. To us, the phrase “party of one” is a contradiction. It’s the feeling of isolation in a room full of people; the idea of being alone, together.

party of one seeks to create a broader palette for new music, performing accessible contemporary compositions in addition to broadening the repertoire for their instrumentation by commissioning new works from emerging composers.